If You Want Change, Get Up And Do Something Different

I love this quote by Barack Obama.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. “

It seems like we are always waiting for something or someone to give us the big break we want.  We live in a society that is fast paced and we hate waiting. We are in a hurry and want friendly and fast service.

Change will only come when we do something different. Want a different outcome? Do something different than you’ve already been doing.  You want 2012 to be different than 2011? Then you are going to have to do SOMETHING different.

That is challenging. I know.  It’s a matter of getting out of your comfort zone.  Are you ready? Are you tired of year after year of the same stuff?  Same problems. Same emotional difficulties. Same job. Same financial problems? Same relationship problems.

Well, do something different! Stop complaining. Stop blaming your past, your parents, your boss, your partner, etc. Stop blaming all together.  You are responsible for your emotions and your life. Take control of it once and for all.

Are you ready for change? What do you want to see different?  I read a chapter this morning byTennesseecoach….

She said her team is the best because she works harder than the rest. She lives and breathes hoops.  She is sold out to having the best team.  Are you sold out to your goals?  Do you want to work hard or just talk the talk.

I can relate to sitting on my butt and thinking God would drop blessings into my lap because of good behavior. I gave my tithe and offering for years doing my duty.  I blessed others.  I did the “stuff”, but what I didn’t do was actually “work”.  I wanted financial blessing to fall from the sky. Ha. It didn’t happen.

I’ve learned the past few years to bust my butt to actually get something out of life, whether it’s in a career, relationship, or any area. Work equals change and success.

So if you want change for this year, do something different. Don’t sit there and tell me that this year you want this and that and don’t plan to do anything different.  Maybe this seems harsh to you. Good. I want it to be matter of fact.

Nothing of great value comes without great effort.  The Santa Claus God that we so often hear about does not drop stuff in your lap because you utter some worship songs and read the Bible.  Singing and reading are great things, but don’t expect that to get you your next great career or out of the pile of debt you’ve gotten yourself into.

We have to be the change. Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  That means get off your butt and do something different. You can transform your life and transform others as a result.

Begin today.